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Holding Chinese buyer invitation exportation of consulting

Helpful for the resident company of The National Food Cluster to enter the Chinese market 


The National Food Cluster Support Center invited 16 buyers from seven Chinese companies to help early settlement and support stable growth of the resident companies, and held Chinese buyer invitation consulting meeting on November 11. In this regard, about 20 companies are currently exporting their products by opening a ‘Hankuk-kwan’, store specialized in Korean food, in Shanghai, China.



The invited buyers at this time are the purchasing agent of premium market working in Shanghai and Nanjing, China. Through this invitation event, The National Food Cluster Support Center will explore the possibility of extracting products from invited 27 companies including the resident companies, and even expect import contracts for highly exportable products.


Foodpolis, in particular, is a place where people can enjoy Korean food as well as tasting and selling, and it attracts Chinese people who are interested in Korean food thanks to K-food Boom as a place to show the quintessence of Korean food.

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