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Recruitment participating company in 2018 Support Project of Logistics Marketing Export

2018 Logistics·Marketing˙Export Support Consulting Business Commence~


The National Food Cluster started recruiting and consulting for the resident companies that wanted ‘2018 Support Project of Logistics Marketing Export.’ This Support Project was arranged to enhance the market expansion and competitiveness of the resident companies by supporting the necessary service packages according to competence to sale products of The National Food Cluster’s resident companies.
The scope of support included seven items that are establishment of logistics center, logistics optimization, product management, marketing strategies, circulation activation, construct business lines, and preparation for export toward sector of logistics, marketing, and export. The authority provided that up to three items should be selected voluntarily within the limit of funding.​


even companies will be supported and the amount of support fund per company is within 15 million won. The support period is from the date of the agreement to November 30th of the year, and 80-percent of the total cost of consulting is provided by The National Food Cluster, and 20 percent is paid by the company itself.

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