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Seaweed, Rapidly rise as a new trend in Europe and North America market!

Seaweed, Source of Vitamins and Minerals



At the Shanghai International Food Exhibition (SIAL CHINA), reprocessing seaweed products from Korea, Japan and Taiwan food companies were in the spotlight
“In the past Europe, seaweed was used mainly as a base material for cosmetics, not food,” and “Recently, on account of the vegetarian market has grown and the number of consumers looking for alternative proteins has increased, the interest in seaweed also has increased.” said Nicholas Trintso, a representative of Sial Network.​


In fact, Inova Market Insights considered ‘Ocean Garden’ as the key trend among food and beverage trends in 2018.​



For this reason, seaweed are newly eaten in Europe and North America. The health benefits of seaweed are largely defined by following six lists.​


1. Contains large amounts of iodine good for enhancing thyroid function.​

2. Source of vitamins and minerals.​

3. Contains plenty of antioxidants.​

4. Source of dietary fiber needed for intestine health.​

5. Provides satiety to help for weight loss .​

6. Lower cholesterol level and risk of heart disease.



Source: SIAL CHINA (http://www.sialchina.com/sialchina)

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