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The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korea Agricultural and Fisheries Distribution Corporation (aT) promoted online promotion of Korean agricultural products from June 30 to August 15 in conjunction with SOUQ.COM, the largest online shopping malls in the Middle East.


​This online promotion included intensive promotion of infant drinks to target the local market, where infants are highly populated, and promotion of processed foods such as instant noodles and sauces to promote Red&Hot Food.


In addition, authorities published promotional articles about the Korean Food Hall and promoted it to social networking such as Instagram and Facebook to raise consumers’ awareness of Korean food products. And by airing a video introducing Korean food products exploiting a influential food blogger, authorities give consideration to local consumers to help them be familiar with Korean agricultural products.


​The UAE is a country where online marketing is important, with reaching 68 percent of smartphone usage. Therefore, the strategy is to run parallel with a vigorous SNS marketing along with raising consumers’ awareness of Korean agricultural products through the online promotion of agricultural and food products linked to SOUQ.COM.​



Source: SOUQ (http://www.SOUQ.com/)


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