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The measures of Disposable(Plastic) usage!

Disposable(Plastic) usage Down! Mug usage Up!



The recyclable waste crisis was caused by recyclable waste collection companies refusing to collect recyclable waste by reason of deterioration of profitability.​


For this reason, as the measures of recyclable waste and plastic cup regulations have been announced, the government’s policy and the whole nation is required to join in reducing recyclable waste at the same time.​



The National Food Clusters issued guidelines of the recent increase in reducing the use of disposable products and asked employees for positive cooperation. Major practice guidelines is to prohibit the use of disposable cups and pet bottles in the office. Use personal cups or tumblers for meetings and events. When there is an outdoor event, refrain from using a pet bottle and install a drinking fountain. When drinking water, use personal cups.​


Through the campaign to reduce the use of disposable products, The National Food Clusters strongly recommends to reduce the use of disposable products and increase the use of individual mugs.

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