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Foodpolis Youth Food Start-up Lab’_Lee HyunSun head of Company Support Department



Q. Please introduce the Foodpolis Youth Food Start-up Lab business.


It’s a business that connects entrepreneurs who don’t know how to shape their food start-up ideas into actualization and foundation by a prototype.


Q. What criteria choose the participants in Foodpolis Youth Food Start-up Lab?


Selection criteria is to evaluate start-up capability, business feasibility, and technicality. In particular, the use of domestic agricultural raw materials can be received a favorable evaluation.


Q. I also want to know the recruitment period and duration of the Foodpolis Youth Food Start-up Lab.


The selected start-up lab teams will operate on a three-month basis, and the team with good results will be extended by one month, and operate for a total of four months.


Q. What are the criteria for participating in Foodpolis Youth Food Start-up Lab?


The criteria is for people aged 18 years and under 39 years old (including college students), and even if person who already started it, you can participate in it after less than five years.



Q. What are the expectations for young people who participated in Foodpolis Youth Food Start-up Lab?


The food industry is bigger than the automobile and IT combined. Therefore, I think that producing competitive young entrepreneurs will increase the competitiveness of our food industry.


Q. How did you find out about the Foodpolis Youth Food Start-up Lab?


After watching the video clips of the National Food Clusters facility, I found out on the website of the National Food Clusters.



Q. What made you apply for the Foodpolis Youth Food Start-up Lab?


Through a company support program of the National Food Cluster, I decided to apply to make a prototype with facilities and expert mentoring necessary for food manufacturing.


Q. How did you find the food start-up item?


Mugunghwa is considered to exploit various food because it has a soft sweet taste, and doesn’t have a bitter taste that is unique to cooking flowers.



Q. What is the know-how of speciality that only food startup items have?


Mugunghwa is a native food source and has been used for medicine for a long time. Also, it is easy to grow in Korea and especially Mugunghwa flowers has rich saponarin.


Q. What do you get from the Foodpolis Youth Food Start-up Lab program?


If a prototype is produced with expert mentoring in the food manufacturing process, it can reduce any problems that may emerge in the actual mass production process.


Q. What is the most memorable activity among the Foodpolis Youth Food Start-up Lab activities?


With learning about food safety, food packaging and distribution processes of the National Food Clusters, I learned that there are many other considerations besides taste.



Q. If you have any future plans, please let me know.


After launching the Mugunghwa blending tea, we will be linking to the blending tea, and launch a variety of foods used the Mugunghwa flower as a food material.

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