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Publication of 『Export-Country information zip』containing export trend of global food market

Do you know Megatrend of global food market?



The Export-Country Information zip, which contains major export trends of 34 countries, was recently published.

The ‘Export-Country Information zip’ consisting of four types of information, including Americas and Europe, Japan and China, ASEAN, Asia-Pacific and other countries, contained contents, such as the status of agricultural, import and export, agri-food market and distribution, import and export process related in entry and quarantine, with summary of main points by country and required information.

Recent features of the global food market are strengthening global food safety standards, increasing the number of vegetarians, a boom in the HMR(Home Meal Replacement) and growth of the online food market as megatrend. Based on this trend, it contains a number of valuable information that should not be missed in the export preparation process, such as the notable hot issue items, acquisition of food-related certifications and labeling to counteract non-tariff barriers.

In particular, in the third chapter ASEAN, agri-food policies and consumption trend, distribution status, and major issue item of ‘New Southern Country’ such as Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines, which are magnified as attractive markets such as the origin of Korean wave and high economic growth rate, are arranged country by country.

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