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The Korea National Food Cluster Academic Seminar

Want to hear? Packaging Technique in HMR



Agency for Korea National Food Cluster held a “2018 The Korea National Food Cluster Academic Seminar” at the international conference room of the support center on the 19th.

This seminar was conducted by Agency for National Food Cluster and the Korea Society of Packaging Science & Technology, and in a time when introducing HMR packaging technology to resident companies, venture companies, food companies, packaging companies, academia and related organizations. When the speaker announced the topic for 25 minutes, it was then assumed in question and answer format.

In particular, Fraunhofer IVV, a research institute specialized in practical application research in Germany, Pulmuone, a Korean food company that is trusted by consumers in principle of upright food, Kuraray, which has world-class synthetic fiber and packaging manufacturing technology from Japan, and experts of food biotechnology in Korea university gathered together and shared HMR packaging technique.



Through this special academic seminar, it plans to promote exchanges and establish a possible and systematic cooperation to enhance technical support.

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