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We met Eun-hee Sung of Consultant in Fraunhofer IVV Lab

We met Eun-hee Sung off Consultant in fraunhofer ⅠⅤⅤ. We discussed about ‘Package Engineering Future Story of Korean Food Industry’ with her.


1. Please introduce yourself to what you are in charge of in ‘FraunhoferIVV’ institute.


Hello. I am Eun-hee Sung, assuming a position of consultant in FraunhoferIVV. I can tell you that my tasks in FraunhoferIVV are mainly three things: excavation business and obtain orders.


2. The Research Institute branch has been established within the National Food Cluster. Please explain the cooperation with the National Food Cluster and the direction to proceed.(What the Fraunhofer Institute does)


The Fraunhofer IVV is the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering & Packaging, which signify the Fraunhofer process engineering and packaging laboratory. It is specialized institute in eight areas, such as organic material, functional material, food development, food quality management, machine process, functional packaging development, safety assessment and plastic recycling.



3. What are the expected effects to food sector due to the opening of the ‘Fraunhofer IVV’ research institute?


Currently, the field of packaging analysis requested by food packaging industry is gradually expanding, and main business of Fraunhofer IVV research institute, such as safety inspection of polymer and paper for food, active and intellectual packaging development, enhancing barrier of polymer and lamination, analyzing penetrance of gas·vapor and volatile substances, recycling and developing sustainable packaging technology, developing nano-scale packaging technology, testing quality of paving materials and polymer and establishing cause of packing materials off-flavor, would be more helpful to domestic food sector and packaging industry.


4. I would like to know how the ‘Fraunhofer IVV’ research institute opened its branch in Korea.


After the cooperation and MOU between the National Food Clusters and the Fraunhofer IVV on November 17, 2015, we maintain liaison with the National Food Clusters and conducted a joint project between the National Food Clusters and the Fraunhofer IVV. In particular, in this year, we moved our Korean branch to the National Food Clusters, the first food industry complex in Northeast Asia, and resided at the Food Packaging Center of the National Food Clusters to obtain new knowledge of the food industry, research for applying knowledge already acquired in specific areas, work on development of production process and enlarge opportunity of experts’consulting on specific issues of domestic companies.



5. Is there anything you would like to say to anyone who will visit the Fraunhofer IVV Institute with interest?


From now on, we will play a valuable role in promoting research and exchanges of technologies in the domestic food and packaging industry, and seek advice and cooperation with experts from various fields in the Fraunhofer IVV research institute to resolve legal and technical issues related to product development, various technical difficulties on quality control in domestic food packing industry spot and exportation to EU countries.


6. If there is anything else you would like to tell us, please.


We, the Fraunhofer IVV research institute, are planning to provide food technology to local food companies and companies residing in the National Food Clusters. We will also endeavor to be a credible institute with maintaining close interrelationships between the inside and outside of the country.

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