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Kim Seong-gyu, CEO of SFC Bio, a resident company, awarded in industrial packaging

Congratulations on winning the prize for the agricultural, livestock, food, science and technology!




Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs held the 21st annual award ceremony for agriculture, food science technology at aT Center in Yangjae-dong, Seoul on 18th. At this awards ceremony, the Korea Agricultural Science and Technology Awards select and award researchers who have contributed to the increasing of farmers` income and agricultural food industries by developing and expanding excellent technologies in the agricultural and livestock food.

Among them, Kim Seong-gyu, CEO of SFC Bio, a resident company of The Korea National Food Cluster which establishes R&D base where it can extract functional material from a natural substance based on domestic agriculture(watermelon), received the Science and Technology Awards in industrial packaging field.




SFC Bio has succeeded development of the technology to extract lycopene, which is natural antioxidants, and citrulline, which is a human-friendly amino acid, from watermelon skins and contributed agricultural food industry with developing functional food utilizing it. In addition, it holds four patents for technologies such as ‘extraction of lycopene using supercritical CO2’ and ‘extraction of soluble fiber and cyturoline from watermelons.’

SFC Bio’s products include ‘Subak TongTong’ and ‘watermelon soda,’and also have achieved remarkable success in export.


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