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Global Food Report with aT, Food Market Trend in Thailand

Proliferation of consumption trend related in health such as increased surveillance on pesticide residues, low salt and sugar




The food and beverage trend, which is receiving attention in Thailand recently, is creating a new demand for consumption in the Thailand market. The most important thing is that the interest in health continues to grow among the middle class in Thailand. Accordingly, the food market in Thailand is rapidly advancing, with health-related consumption trends such as increased surveillance on pesticide residues, low salt and sugar.


​▶A responsible choice= According to market research company Mintel, natural, ethical, and eco-friendly demands are largely reflected in the recently released food.


​▶Light pleasure= As people have interest in health issues, low-salt, low- sugar and low-calorie are becoming important keywords in the food industry.


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​▶Positive process= Instead of adding chemical additives to food, people have begun to pay attention to how to manufacture products that enhance their freshness. Representatively, there are manufacturing methods such as cold-brewed and cold-pressed​.


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​▶Eco-friendly= Consumers are more aware of and interested in environmental products, eco-friendly packaging, and reducing food waste. According to recent data from Mintel, eco-friendly products and packaging are increasing. Major supermarkets in Thailand recently campaigned for reducing and recycling plastic bags.


​▶Sensory motivations= Sensory products that have never existed before are popular. A representative case is Coca-Cola Coffee Plus, which was introduced in Asia Pacific market at the end of last year. This new drink increased caffeine levels, and lowered calories and reduced sweetness.


​▶Promising convenience food= Convenience food with high quality receive attention. Already in convenience stores in Thailand, convenient and instant food items that can be cooked in lunch boxes and microwave ovens are increasing.


​▶Ocean flavor= Food ingredients from the sea are actively used for processing food. For example, pastes made from seaweed and algae are widely used to enhance the tasty.

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