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The 10th ‘2018 Korea Food Show’

See the present and future of Korean food industry at a glance 




Marked the 10th anniversary in this year, the 2018 KOREA FOOD SHOW 2018 was held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation(aT) with the theme of ‘Taste Your Tomorrow’at aT center on October 24th – 27th.


Among the various food galleries that were noticeable, a food business galley named ‘a delicious Korea at a glance’ displayed products from over 200 companies such as small and medium-sized food companies, food technology, startups and future-promoting products at a glance, and focused on consumers preference.​


Another fun part of the exhibition is the North Korean Food Special Exhibition. Various North Korean foods were specially displayed to experience the North Korean food culture, which receive attention from the public after the inter-Korean summit this year, and supermarkets of the North Korea such as North Korean instant food, coffee in Pyongyang, and dessert.​


This event with display of various themes offered food workers new opportunities to pioneer market and buyers a chance to discover the latest trends and new business areas. In addition, job and start-up students and related departments could comprehend trends in the food industry and obtain useful information, and consumers were given the opportunity to meet foods that can prepare a healthy table.





Source: aT (https://www.at.or.kr/)​​​

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