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Inc. Vitech moved in The Korea National Food Cluster

Inc. Vitech, gives wings to its growth by moving in The Korean National Food Cluster!



The Korea National Food Cluster signed a parcelling-out contract with Inc. Vitech on the 30th of last month. With this contract, it was the 13th contract this year, and a total of 60 companies, including one foreign company, have completed the contract.

Inc. Vitech, which is a health functional food company and do enzyme treatment to royal jelly and process it with powder, has decided to invest 4 billion won on a site of 7023 square meters to form a mass production system. In addition to hiring 15 workers, the construction will begin in the first half of next year and operate the plant in July.

“In order to enter the food market, we decided to invest this investment because we believe that the potential for development of the food industry, which is one step ahead of the consumer trend, and especially the synergy effect of facilities supporting national food clusters such as R&D will be very high,” said CEO Lee Do-haeng of Vitech.

Agency for Korea National Food Cluster plans to strengthen the capacity of resident companies and focus on administrative support for smooth projects through various corporate support projects such as supply and demand of raw materials and R&D support.


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