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Vegetable food trends, it will continue in 2019

Vegetable food trends will continue in 2019



Interest that has been focused on plant-based foods for the past two to three years is expected to continue in next year. According to the U.S. News & World Report, many ‘vegetable protein’ and ‘dairy-free’ items appeared in many times.

▶ The protein trend is now ‘vegetability.’

‘Vegetable protein’ proves that meat is not the only source of protein. It has been expanding in food market since last year.



Pasta is not necessarily a carbohydrate.

Soybeans are the main source of vegetable protein. Pasta noodles extracted from chicken beans and lentils are the areas of interest in the food industry.

Increase the probiotics

Producers that help the health of the intestines have become a trend in the food industry since two to three years ago. However, it is predicted that form of products will become more diverse in the future.

All food ingredients replace milk.

A growing number of food spectra are taken to replace milk, yogurt, and cheese, which are classified as dairy products. It is expected that a vegetable milk substitute will be introduced next year, using ingredients that are more unfamiliar to the most.



Calculate the smoke point of cooking oil.

Cooking oil which has high smoke point is available in many different ways and can be used more safely. Some representative oils which has high smoke point in Korea are canola oil and avocado oil.



Source: U.S. News & World Report (http://www.usnews.com/)​​​

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