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aT, held ‘exchanging meeting for exporting popular Korean traditional liquor’

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The Korea National Food Cluster invited some 30 liquor buyers from China region, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, and held ‘Exchanging meeting for exporting popular Korean traditional liquor’ with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Distribution Corporation (aT),

The exchanging meeting was held in October as an event that invited 11 liquor buyers from 9 companies in China region to a Korean traditional liquor production plant to be linked to actual exports by increasing interest in Korean traditional liquors. The subjects of invitation were buyers and small vendors who specialize in distributing liquor in China and in-depth consultations with export companies were conducted.

There was also an information exchange between export companies and buyers on China’s liquor market trends and marketing measures. Korean traditional liquors are expected to export more to China in the future. Accordingly, it is planning to find Korean traditional liquor suitable for Korean restaurants in China, which wants to supply Korean traditional liquor stably.

In particular, it is expected that Korean traditional liquors will expand their presence in the Chinese market by inviting many buyers from all over China such as Hong Kong and Taiwan.





Source: aT (http://at.or.kr/)​​​

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