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The Korea National Food Cluster, participated in ‘World Food Kazakhstan 2018’

Now, it is Kazakhstan! Look forward to the taste of Korea!


The Korea National Food Cluster participated in the World Food Kazakhstan 2018 with Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (aT) and Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

The 21st annual the World Food Kazakhstan is participatory event for buyers from CIS countries, as of last year, 456 companies from 36 countries participated in it with more than 5,300 visitors.

Kazakhstan is a country that has recently increased interest in Korea from Korean food culture to electronics due to the influence of the Korean wave. Since last year, Kazakhstan has been emerging as one of the most promising markets to expect an increase in agricultural food exports.


The Korea National Food Cluster organized the Korean Pavilion in this exhibition with 11 Korean export companies, which mainly deal with exported agricultural products such as red ginseng products, aloe drinks, citron tea, and red pepper products. In addition, new buyers were discovered to increase the number of consultations, and export consulting were implemented by a local consultative agency to resolve difficulties for exporters.


The Cluster plans to actively promote the excellence of Korean agricultural products by using Kazakhstan as a key entry point in the Central Asian region, while exploring promising products tailored to the region.




Source: aT (http://at.or.kr/)​​​

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