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The Korea National Food Cluster operated promotional booths in COEX FOOD WEEK

Read the trends of the world food market in COEX FOOD WEEK



The Korea National Food Cluster operated the Seoul International Food Industry Exhibition promotional booths at the COEX FOOD WEEK 2018, which was held from November 28 to December 1.


The COEX Food Week, which has been hosted annually by COEX since 2006, provided a venue to meet the latest food trends at home and abroad. Therefore, attention of domestic and foreign food workers was focused on it, and a total of 900 companies participated in 1,500 booths this year, attracting a total of 53,000 visitors. It is rumored that the event was held on a large scale and had a lot of things to see.


This year’s COEX Food Week was largely divided into the themes of ‘Basic’ and ‘Trend.’ ‘Basic’ consisted of food synthesis, processed foods, food materials, HMR, cooking/packaging machine and foreign foods, and ‘Trend’ consisted of bakeries, desserts, alcoholic/drinks, kitchen dining wear, and cooking shows.



In addition to exhibition events, conferences, business matching counseling, experience programs, and competitions were also held, so the event was able to satisfy all five senses with various attractions, food and diverse events that can be experienced.


The event ‘KangSoNongDaeJeon’, which will be held at the same time as the COEX Food Week, was also held, and this event was held with a display of agricultural and specialty products, tasting, and a variety of experience programs for local governments across the country. The event provided an avenue to meet a variety of excellent products at a low price.


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