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The Korea National Food Cluster operated an attract investment at the World Food Expo Korea 2018

Take a step further toward the world food market with the 2018 grand finale



The Korea National Food Cluster operated an attract investment in KINTEX the 2nd exhibition center at the World Food Expo 2018, which was held from November 30 to December 1.

This World Food Expo was the last food industry exhibition to be held in 2018 and a venue for marketing on new domestic and foreign food industries, including the Global Food Sourcing Forum and the Food Franchise Business Brief. In addition, it was composed of 10 categories of food, including organic foods, Halal foods, fermented foods, sea foods, food additives & Vitafood, dessert & snacks, coffee & tea, wine and alcoholic beverages, so that the interests of domestic and foreign food workers focused on it.




Above the exhibition event, various theme seminars such as ‘Introduction to Vegan Certification’ and ‘Coffee, Be a Expert!’ were held, and a variety of events were held such as ‘Vegan Flea market’ with Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services and caught the lots of attraction.

The Korea National Food Cluster improved investment interest to companies, which visited a booth and was consulted, by exhibiting food market products and tasting them through operation of attract investment institution as well as provided contact in businesses such as OEM by introducing resident company’s products, and it was a good venue for explaining benefit of support business effectively.




Source: World Food Expo (http://www.worldfoodexpo.co.kr/)​​​

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