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The Korea National Food Cluster held a International Symposium on the 4th Industrial revolution

Get a line of the 4th industrial revolution and food industry

The Korea National Food Cluster held the second International Symposium on the 4th Industrial Revolution at The Korea National Food Cluster on the 27th. The International Symposium on the 4th Industrial Revolution, which marks its second anniversary this year, was the venue for exchanging information and networks among food companies by publishing cases of applying the 4th industrial revolution to each country.


Park Jong-oh, head of the robotics research institute at Jeonnam National University, who spoke for the first at this symposium, increased participants’ understanding of the 4th industrial revolution and explained the government’s response plan and policy direction, particularly in the agricultural and food sectors. Afterwards, Dr. Christian Zibolt of the German Food and Technology Institution explained the impact of artificial intelligence on the food industry and gave a presentation on how to apply it to the production process.


In addition, Park Si-hong, a professor at Oregon State University, introduced research on next-generation sequencing methods, and Mori Chikahusa from Japan, a CEO of Akiu Winery, explained the creation of high value-added through a project with IBM, a leading IT company, under the theme of applying artificial intelligence in agricultural industry.

In this symposium, the differences in the direction of implementation each country , and convergence cases of IT technologies in the food industry, and mutual cooperation through the keynote speeches and presentations of domestic and foreign experts such as U.S., German and Japan are shared.


“We hope this International Symposium will prospect current address of domestic food industry and be a good venue for exchanging information between the resident companies of Support Center and domestic food companies”, said Yoon Tae-jin, a board president of Agency for Korea National Food Cluster.



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