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Recruiting Participants in the Youth Food Startup Labs for the Second Phase of 2019

The Korea National Food Cluster Support Center recruits participants in the ‘Youth Food Startup Lab for the ‘Second Phase of 2019’ to support successful start-ups to provide food production practice opportunities and education programs related to start-ups to aspiring food startups, including college students and young people.

The Youth Food Startup Lab is a support program that provides food production practice opportunities and education related to start-ups for college students and young generations preparing to start a food business. Young people who have dreams in the food area, such as college students who had ideas but were too far away from starting a business, and aspiring entrepreneurs who are in the process of starting a business, can participate.


For more information, please check the application guideline below!



□ Qualification for Participation

– College (graduate) students who are preparing to start a food business (including students taking time off), general youth, etc. (Under 39 years of age only)

– Food-related start-ups of less than five years (representative under 39 years old)

– (Team Member) Two to five people in the preliminary start-ups and up to one person in the case of a start-up


※ Excluded applicants

– Type of business that can’t move in the Korea National Food Cluster Industrial Complex

– Those (companies) who are under probation to participate in state R&D projects as of the deadline for receipt of application

– Items that may infringe or infringe on intellectual property rights such as patents and utility models of others

– If the project does not meet the basic purpose of the announcement contents


​□Application Period

– By May 27, 2019 (Mon) 16:00


​□Application Area

– Field of food manufacturing and processing

Area Name of production goods (Item)
Designated Drinks (2 types) Fruit and vegetable drinks (concentrated fruit and vegetable juices, fruit and vegetable juices, fruit and vegetable drinks)
Other drinks (mixed drinks, extracted drinks, drink bases)
Sauces (4 types) Sauces, processed spices (natural spices), complex seasoned foods, dressings
Other Foods (6 types) Fruit and vegetable processed products (puree, paste, seasonings, fruit and vegetable enzymes, powder / pure extract, etc.)
Extracted processed foods (edible animal material raw juice, powder, etc.))
Flour (wheat flour, nutrient fortified flour, other flours)
Raw foods, cereals, instant intake and convenient foods (instant intake, health supplement, etc.)
Dairy products (2 types) Cheeses (natural cheese, processed cheese), ice creams (ice cream powder, etc.)
Free No limit Selected by selection committee


□ Method of Reception

Access the homepage of the Korea National Food Cluster and download submission documents (click), fill them out and submit.

* Method of submission: by E-mail

– E-mail: Lab@foodpolis.kr

– File name when submitting ‘Team name _ Representative’, compressed and submit it.



* Documents for submission

(※ Autographed in the signature box / Handled in non-compliance if required documents are not submitted)

Classification Detailed contents
Mandatory 1. One copy of application form <Form 1>
2. One copy of personal information of the representative< Form 2>
3.One copy of consent form on the collection and use of Personal Information
4. PT presentation material

– Team introduction (1), Prototype development plan (2), Commercialization plan (5), Other information (2) / Less than 10 pages

Relevant person 5. Recommendation letter and evidence related to the additional points

– Patents, awards, other evidences etc.



□Additional Points

Contents Additional points Remarks
College (graduate) students and students on a leave of absence at the Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries and colleges in Jeollabuk-do 5 points
College (graduate) students and students on a leave of absence in colleges outside Jeollabuk-do 3 points
Young farmers
Those who are registered in the agricultural management information (manager) in accordance with「Act on fostering and supporting Agricultural and Fisheries management」
2 points
Recommendation letter from academic advisor 1 point
Award-winnings as agriculture and food related start-ups Within the last 3 years
Possession of food related patents
Food-related certifications such as engineer food processing
Those who completed venture and startup related education program (Certificate of completion required) Within the last 3 years



□ Support Contents

– Provide prototype development space such as open kitchen (equipment, space) and conference room.

–  Cost for prototyping and testing * Support for up to 8 million won

* Mentoring, material costs, transportation expenses, equipment usage fees, inspection analysis fees etc.

– Support usage of the Korea National Food Cluster R&D facilities and mentoring in connection with start-up specialized incubation institutions

– Start-up linked support through the provision of joint workspaces (support various activities other than manufacturing)

– Post-management and sales support for those who completed the program (whether started or not, linking government supported projects, etc.)



Company Support Division of the Korea National Food Cluster Support Center (☎063-720-0535)


The Youth Food Startup Lab of the Korea National Food Cluster Support Center is a place to experience startup challenges for college students and young people. Please join us for those who would like to take the opportunity to start a food business!

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