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Lee kai-ho, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) visits the National Food Cluster in Iksan.

Attending the opening ceremony of the Pulmuone Kimchi Factory

in the National Food Cluster and encouraging the support center.


Agriculture, Minister of MAFRA has attended the opening ceremony of the Pulmuone Global Kimchi Factory in the National Food Cluster on May 24 (Friday).

The ceremony was attended by major personnel including Lee Hyo-yul, general president of Pulmuone, Rep. Lee Choon-seok, Rep. Cho Bae-sook, Jeonbuk Province Governor Song Ha-jin and Iksan Mayor Jeong Heon-yul, and Park Chul-woong, chairman of the foundation of ‘Foundation of Agri. Tech Commercialization & Transfer’. At the ceremony, Minister Lee said, “We hope the Pulmuone Global Kimchi Factory, which is completed at this time, will greatly contribute to raising the quality of Korean kimchi to the fullest extent, thus enhancing the status of our kimchi-producing country.”


In addition, he stressed that Korean kimchi is one of the world’s top five wellness foods and a cultural pride on the list of the world’s cultural heritage, and explained that he “will faithfully push ahead with measures to foster the already-established kimchi industry, including the establishment of Kimchi Day and the introduction of geographical labeling system under national names”.

In the meantime, he visited National Food Cluster Support Center and said, “I think we’ve achieved a great deal by attracting 75 food companies to the present date despite difficult conditions,” adding, “I’m deeply grateful to local government officials, food industry officials, and support center staff for the development of the local food industry.”


In addition, he asked for the enthusiasm and efforts of all local governments, food industries, and support center staff to help the National Food Cluster become a mecca for the promotion of the domestic food industry and a hub for the Northeast Asian food market.



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