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“Taste of Food! Foodpolis Asks and the World Answers” Subtitle: Successful Completion of the 9th Foodpolis International Conference

The 9th Foodpolis International Conference was successfully held on June 25-26 at the National Food Cluster.


The purpose of the Foodpolis International Conference, which has been held annually since 2012, is to share the latest trends of advanced food technologies with Europe, the USA, Japan, and many other countries ─ as well as to strengthen cooperation between the local food industry and major domestic/overseas food companies.


The Conference took place on the theme of “Taste of Food! The Foodpolis Asks and the World Answers” in the presence of more than 320 guests, including Byeong-hong Park, Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Chun-seok Lee, member of the National Assembly, Heo-nyul Jeong, Mayor of Iksan City, Gyu-dae Jo, President of Iksan Municipal Assembly, Maeng-su Park, President of Wonkwang University, and experts from the food industry.


“We have hosted the Foodpolis International Conference every year since 2012 in order to respond to the fast-changing trends in the food industry,” explained Tae-jin Yun, President of the Korea National Food Cluster. “We will continue to commit ourselves to the development of Korea’s food industry with various strategies for effective support.”


“This conference will offer an opportunity to bring positive changes to the food industry by allowing the participants to actively share the latest technologies for and information on the tastes and flavors of food,” commented Byeong-hong Park, Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in his congratulatory address.

The conference began with the keynote speech, titled “Research Trends in Flavor of Food”, by Imre Blank, former director of Nestle R&D Networks, followed by “Neural Mechanisms Research on Natural/Acquired Food Preferences” by Mamiko Ozaki, Professor of Kobe University, which focused on the importance of natural preferences for flavor, and “How to Overcome Recession: Find Solutions from the Trends in Food Consumption” by Du-yeong Lee, Director of Nielsen Korea, which explained the recent changes in consumer demand with specific examples.


Additional current food information was provided by Devin Peterson, Professor of Ohio State University, in his discourse “Non-target Analysis for Finding Flavoring Ingredients,” followed by “Case Study on Flavor Improvement and Product Development” by Carla Tessera, Secretary-General of Portugal Foods, and “Key to Flavor and Product Development” by Ho-deok Choi, Professor of Sejong University.

On the second day of the event (June 26) the International Symposium for the Sauces and Dressings Industry was held with an audience of more than 200 so as to discuss the latest trends in the market and strategies for effective globalization.


During the Symposium experts in the sauces and dressings market from Korea, China, and Japan explained each country’s globalization strategies for the products. In particular, Pedro Yu, President of the Northeast Asian Market, Lee Kum Kee Sauces, drew much attention by sharing the company’s successful cases for various sauces and dressings on the theme of “Lee Kum Kee Sauces’ Product Globalization Strategies.”


“The importance of the sauces and dressings industry is increasing because of the rising number of single-person households and popularity of HMR (Home Meal Replacement),” remarked Tae-jin Yun, President of the Korea National Food Cluster. “We hope that the the Sauce Industrialization Center can drive the necessary changes and innovations for the industry, together with your continued support.”

As additional events prepared for the conference, pilot products of Youths Food Startup Lab, such as meat alternatives, red pepper paste tube, and protein bars, were shared with the visitors in a separate booth, and successful outcomes of technological support for venture and resident companies, were exhibited as well.


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