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[Interview with a Resident Company] Queens Bucket

Queens Bucket, 

Moving a Step Closer to Globalization of Sesame Oil with Food Facility Support 

Queens Bucket, a company that moved into the Korea National Food Cluster after winning the first prize at the 2016 Foodpolis Venture Startup Contest, produces sesame and perilla oil with new manufacturing methods. The company’s proprietary technology for low-temperature extraction can produce premium sesame and perilla oil with exceptional taste and flavor.


Premium Sesame Oil with Natural Taste and Flavor Preserved

Queens Bucket produces premium sesame and perilla oil with its proprietary technology for low-temperature extraction to preserve the natural, traditional tastes and flavors of the oil. This method is differentiated from other mechanical oil extraction methods used for mass-production.


“The method of high-temperature pressing is convenient for manufacturers but can easily damage precious nutrients contained in the oil. We have focused on producing healthful oils, which can eventually capture the favor of consumers.”


According to the company, it was not easy to find a machine that can extract oils at low temperatures because this requires significantly high pressure, which causes damage to the machines.


In an effort to find a solution, Jeong-yong Park, CEO of Queens Bucket, boarded an airplane for Europe to study methods of making olive oil in Italy or Spain. For more than a year he kept searching for the right equipment and then tested it again in Korea for six months before opening the first shop in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam, Seoul. The sesame oil that he makes offers exceptional taste and flavor while good ingredients still preserved. Some consumers asked skeptically, “You mixed it with other vegetable oils, didn’t you?” But because of his diligent and sincere efforts to pursue premium quality and fresh taste, the oils have become famous through word-of-mouth, and repeated purchases thus created.


Various Support Programs for Improved Quality

Queens Bucket moved in the Korea National Food Cluster after winning the first prize at the 2016 Foodpolis Venture Startup Contest.


“A food manufacturer needs a large number of professional machines and equipment. We had found the right devices for extracting oils at low temperatures but still needed more such as a system for analyzing hazardous substances and facilities for mass-production. The infrastructure and facilities provided within the Korea National Food Cluster lessened our burden in this regard significantly.”


Currently, Queens Bucket is utilizing various facilities prepared by the Food Cluster, including the Food Quality and Safety Center and a pilot plant, and also support programs such as for food packaging and export services. Along with improved quality of life, customer needs for consumption of quality food is increasing as well. The premium sesame oil produced by Queens Bucket contains quality vegetable fat that can satisfy customers in terms of both nutritional value and the joy of eating. Queens Bucket has charmed the taste buds of the gourmets in Korea and is now ready to captivate customers in overseas markets too.



Jeong-yong Park, CEO of Queens Bucket


What are the strengths of Queens Bucket?

We produce sesame and perilla oil with whole new and different manufacturing methods. So, the taste and flavor of the oils are very close to those made in old times in traditional ways. Our oil extraction method is differentiated from other mechanical oil expression methods often used for mass-production.


What was your biggest concern before moving into the National Food Cluster?

We produce oils with our proprietary technology for low temperature extraction. We had facilities for oil extraction but not many other machines needed for professional food production such as a system for analyzing hazardous substances.  After moving into the Food Cluster, however, we received considerable assistance in utilizing such machines and facilities. Not only that, but we’re also planning to upgrade our product packaging ─ not only in terms of stylish design but also functions such as sun protection, with support from the National Food Cluster for R&D and HR resources. Moreover, we’re manufacturing small-size pouch products using the pilot plant facility and receiving export support services as well.


What are your future plans and what further support do you need?

Sesame pulp, which is left after oil is extracted from sesame seeds, contains plentiful healthful nutrients. Recently, we have introduced high-priced equipment that can extract the nutritional substances from the sesame pulp, and thus we will need a spray drier, freeze dryer, concentrator, and pouch packing machine provided by the Food Cluster in order to fully utilize the new equipment.


In the near future, we will advance into new markets through the premium distribution channel developed in 2019, which means that we will need much more support from the Food Cluster for overseas marketing such as participation in international trade shows.

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