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Visit to Foodpolis by the Special Commission on Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Policies

Special Commission on Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Policies (hereinafter referred to as the Commission), presidential advisory body, visited the Korea National Food Cluster on 9th.


The purpose of the visit was to review the progress of the projects promoted by the National Food Cluster, which was set up to develop Korea’s food industry by creating added value for agricultural and fishery products, and also to explore ways to support mutual growth between the food industry and agricultural/fishery industries.


“The National Food Cluster works closely together with the Special Commission,” emphasized Jin-do Park, Chairman of the Commission. “We look forward to your continued efforts to fulfill objectives of the projects. We will do our best to find ways for the resident companies to use more local agricultural/fishery products as the quality of food ingredients determines the quality of products,” said Tae-jin Yun, President of the Korea National Food Cluster.


The Special Commission was launched on April 25 with an aim to discuss medium- and long-term agriculture, fisheries and rural policies, development and welfare improvement of farming/fishing villages, and sustainable development as a presidential advisory body.


(Source: Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock News http://www.aflnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=159082)​ 

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