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Advertising for Participants in the 3rd Youths Food Startup Lab 2019

Foodpolis Support Center is inviting participants for the 3rd Youths Food Startup Lab to support successful startups by providing people, including college students, youths, etc., who want to establish food businesses with opportunities to receive practical training in producing food and startup-related educational programs. 

Youths Food Startup Lab is a support program that provides opportunities for young people to receive practical training in producing food, and startup-related educational programs so that college students and others of the young generation can prepare to establish a business in the field of food. Participation is open to any young people who have dreams in the field of food such as college students who have ideas but startup is a faraway vision and people, in the stage of planning a startup, who want to establish businesses. 

For more details, please see the application guidelines below!

 – Read more : https://blog.naver.com/foodpolis1/221595343621

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