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[Interview with a Resident Company] Fin Company Co., Ltd.

Fin Company Co., Ltd., 

bringing together Germany’s confectionary tradition and bakery techniques


Fin Company, which has a large production facility of 4958.7m2 (1,500 pyeong), is the largest Baumkuchen manufacturing and distribution brand in Korea. Fin Company, an affiliate of Fin Bread which concluded a contract for sole distributor in Asia with ‘The Baum,’ a Japanese Baumkuchen brand, is currently supplying premium desserts to large companies such as GS25, Lotte, Starbucks, etc.

Moved into Cluster, to learn know-how of experts

‘Baumkuchen,’ which has been known as a famous cookie of Germany for hundreds of years, got its name from its shape similar to a tree’s age rings. ‘Fin Company’ is making this premium cookie which is gaining sensational popularity in Japan as a dessert.

“We are making our own dessert based on the independent distribution method and technical prowess of Japan for Baumkuchen. We want people to share and enjoy a new dessert culture.”

Fin Company, an affiliate of ‘Fin Bread’ which is a company specialized in producing desserts, was established in 2016. CEO Ju-yeon Shin who had no experience in the food business decided to move into the Korea National Food Cluster soon after it was built, because she thought that she could learn a lot from successful businessmen. In the sense of aiming at the best for everything, she entrusted the design of the factory and office to Ki-woo Park, the professor of the department of architecture at Wonkwang University. As a result, the current unique work space reminding one of a dancing whale was born.

“I never missed the meetings of resident companies which are held every three months because I could see the direction I should move toward while talking with businessmen who are operating big factories.”


Brand value differentiated with the support for manpower and packaging

Fin Company received various kinds of support from the Foodpolis Support Center in regard to development of technology preventing quality degradation by freezing and defrosting when processing Baumkuchen, logistics, marketing, export, work-study, interns, corporate technology and packaging improvement and development.

“The Foodpolis Support Center did the groundwork for research by inviting professors of food-related departments to solve the problem of the previous packaging where breads got damp. It was certainly different when we made it after consulting with experts.”

Registration was applied for regarding the food packaging tray for the utility model, together with the initial paper and packaging box developed with the support. CEO Shin said that it was very useful that they could refer error questions directly to businessmen, and tried to improve on them actively. Fin Company could mass-produce the best premium desserts with the current specialized mass-production system. The company started as a general dessert production factory but since 2018, it completed registering as a preliminary social enterprise and has been donating breads to neglected classes of people through the Association of Persons with Disabilities and a food market in Iksan-si.

“There is no special business goal. Our goal is to supply good-quality, delicious breads more widely at affordable prices. Our ultimate dream is being recognized as an honest company presenting the best moments from the heart.”


Ju-yeon Shin, the CEO of Fin Company Co., Ltd.

 What are the strengths of Fin Company?

Our products have quality taste and aroma  and the taste, texture and shape that would be preferred by trendy younger people. They are also great with coffee. That’s why it was easy to break into cafes. The export trend is also good because our products satisfy the global trend for premium desserts. Recently, we received an order from Costa Coffee, which is the largest franchise café in China, so we exported a container-full.

 What were your biggest concerns before moving into the National Food Cluster?

As a new company, recruiting a skilled manpower pool was the most difficult challenge, but the Foodpolis Support Center offers manpower support through the intern support project and we are continuously receiving manpower support. Thanks to such support, we could develop and produce products according to plan without buffering. The business consulting composed of experts and consultants for finance-taxation, sales, marketing, safety management, import/export consultation and license was really useful. Through this, we could build professional knowledge, such as business-related laws.

What are your future plans and what further support do you need?

There are a lot of confectionary and bakery expositions taking place overseas but due to the characteristics of frozen bread, there is a disadvantage that we cannot participate in overseas expositions frequently. Therefore, to supplement this disadvantage, we are trying to make a booth more sophisticated than other booths in domestic and foreign food expositions, and we participate to win with quality over quantity. The Foodpolis Support Center helped a lot so far and I hope they can continue to provide the support we need so we can promote our excellent products at expositions.

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