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7 organizations involved in Iksan, agreed to cooperate for the Korea National Food Cluster food manpower supply and demand and job creation

Manpower training organizations and manpower supplying organizations in Iksan promised to create an active mutual cooperation system to train local talents specialized in the food industry and create local jobs.

Iksan-si had an agreement ceremony with organizations involved for the Korea National Food Cluster food manpower supply and demand and job creation at the situation room of the City Hall on 26th. 

The conclusion of agreement on this day was prepared because it was judged that organic connection to strengths of each organization is vital for smooth manpower supply and demand and stable employment of resident companies as lotting-out of the Korea National Food Cluster is being accelerated every day and companies are moving in in full scale. 

Total 7 local organizations involved including Iksan-si, the Foodpolis Support Center, District Employment Office at Iksan of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, Wonkwang University, Wonkwang Health Science University, Iksan Campus of Korea Polytechnics, New Career for Women Center at Iksan participated in the conclusion of agreement. 

Furthermore, through this conclusion of agreement, manpower training organizations such as Wonkwang University promised to try their best to train food industry-specialized local talents customized for the demand of the Korea National Food Cluster and manpower supply organizations such as the Ministry of Employment and Labor promised to concentrate on discovery of quality jobs, as well as stable supply, using manpower information possessed for manpower required by lotting-out and time and duty of resident companies.

In addition, Iksan-si and the Foodpolis Support Center committed to establish a close cooperative relationship to promote various manpower supply and demand including investigation and demand of companies for manpower and education, connection with education and practical training in the field, employment intern and operation of Youths Startup Support Lab. 

Along with this, they agreed to discuss inter-organization cooperation and support plans continuously and in detail to share employment statuses of companies of the Korea National Food Cluster and train and timely supply customized local talents by composing a practical affairs committee.

Heon-yul Chung, the major of Iksan-si, said that “we will do our best to discover and promote various policies and support projects so that employment startup can be activated and hiring can be more stabilized as local excellent manpower needed for resident companies is trained.

(Source: Jeonbuk Ilbo: http://www.jjan.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=2054529&sc_section_code=S1N10&sc_sub_section_code=S2N42)

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