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Korea National Food Cluster Facility & Equipment Co-utilization Service

Korea National Food Cluster facility & equipment co-utilization service

Do you wish to use the facilities and equipment of the Korea National Food Cluster?


By opening up the facilities and sharing equipment of the Foodpolis Support Center, we help the industry to reduce redundant investment and economic burdens to strengthen its competitiveness.


  • Major facilities and equipment available (about 200 types)

Electronic tongue – Compares taste patterns between foods and checks the intensity of tastes (salty, sour, savory, etc.) measured by sensors.

Rodent body composition analyzer – Measures the body composition (fat, moisture, tissue weight without fat, etc.) of rodent lab animals such as mice and rats.

Oxygen and water vapor transmission analyzer-Measures oxygen and moisture quantitatively and analyzes transmission according to materials/shapes of packaging materials such as film and containers

Powder sterilizer – Instant high-temperature sterilization of powder products (temperature: 120 ℃ ~ 210 ℃, treatment time: 0.3 ~ 0.5 seconds, throughput: 50 ~ 120kg / hr)


Eligibility: Resident companies of Korea National Food Cluster / universities / related research institutes and food companies

Procedures: Consultation and application -Calculation and submission of a quotation- Direct/indirect utilization or analysis – Reporting of results



Types Tel Remarks
Functionality evaluation 063-720-0676 Effectiveness evaluation and animal test (72 types)
Quality and safety 063-720-0616 Microbiological test and physical properties test (43 types)
Packaging 063-720-0634 Distribution and packaging test (35 types)
Pilot plant 063-720-0651 Production of a prototype (53 types)


For additional information, please visit www.foodpolis.kr.


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