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Farmers Land Korea, Korea-Germany Joint Venture, Moving into the Korea National Food Cluster

Farmers Land Korea*, foreign corporation with FDI from Germany’s fresh/frozen food distributors

Moving into the Korea National Food Cluster to produce frozen sauces for export

* Area: 3,079㎡ (930 pyeong), Amount: KRW 10 billion, Employees: 25

FDI of US$ 400,000…investment in the proprietary technology for cryogenic freezing


The Foodpolis Support Center announced on the 5th that Farmers Land Korea, foreign corporation with FDI, had entered into a contract for moving into the Korea National Food Cluster.


Farmers Land Korea, which is a foreign corporation established with a foreign direct investment of US$ 400,000 funded by Farmers Land and gurumB, Germany’s fresh/frozen food distributors, has decided to move into the Korea National Food Cluster in order to produce frozen sauces in Korea, using the proprietary technology of cryogenic freezing, and export the products to Europe.

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