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DLG Food Test and Korea-Germany International Symposium were finished successfully!

Processed-meat products of Korea made a splendid achievement of winning a lot of medals at ‘DLG Food Test’ held at the Korea National Food Cluster from Sep. 25th ~ 27th.

‘DLG Food Test,’ the world’s largest food quality contest with 130 years of tradition, is very competitive in the area of processed-meat. Products awarded at the test are considered very reliable so that consumers make them their criteria for selection. Especially this test was held at the Foodpolis Support Center for the first time in Korea so it feels really different.

As many as 160 products from a total of 15 Korean companies were submitted for the test and evaluated for over a period of three days from Sep. 25th to 27th. At the test, processed-meat product judges composed of DLG, etc. evaluated quality power based on product appearance, color, cut surface condition, tissue, flavor and taste. The judges cut products with a knife to check the contents and then tasted them after cooking to evaluate thoroughly.


As a result of this test evaluated on an absolute grading scale, domestic processed-meat products achieved the best results ever, winning a total of 158 awards, 92 gold medals, 53 silver medals and 13 bronze medals. With this, they have received a total of 692 rewards so far since 2008, 372 gold medals, 226 silver medals and 94 bronze medals.

Katarina Lien, Vice-Chairman of DLG, evaluated that “Korean processed-meat products have very excellent quality power. They won a lot more gold medals than those of other countries, and it is also noticeable that their quality power is improving quickly every year. They have secured a sufficient competitive edge that will work even at the global stage.” Furthermore, Gil-yeon Park, Chairman of the Korea Meat Processing Association, remarked, “Winning so many rewards mean that the quality power of Korean processed-meat products has become world-class now. Now, we should turn our eyes to the global market and convince people around the world to taste Korean processed-meat products.”

Meanwhile, on Sep. 27th when the awards ceremony was held, ‘the Korea-Germany International Symposium’ was also held to share information and opinions on the current status and prospects of the global meat-processing industry,


Katarina Lien, Vice-Chairman of DLG, discussed farm-to-table safety regulations and monitoring systems in a discourse titled, “Examples of food safety regulations implementation in Europe,” and Seung-hui Jeong, CEO of Geofood Tech Research Institute (the head of the judging panel of DLG Korea Food Test) helped to improve the attendees’ understanding of quality characteristics through comparative analysis of meat product consumption patterns in Korea and Germany under the theme, “Quality characteristics of Korean and German processed meat products.”


Thereafter, Hye-young Lee, Director of the Consumer Public Interest Network, talked about ‘Current status and future prospects of the meat spot sale and processing in Korea,” and Monica Gibis, Professor of the University of Hohenheim, Germany, examined ‘Manufacturing technology for fermented dried sausages and salt-dried ham’ and Simon Schiller, Managing Director of the German Agricultural Society lectured about the latest food information under the theme of ‘Impact of consumption trends in the food industry.’

Moreover, various events including successful cases of technological support, prize-winning products of the Food Test, and exhibits from the youth food start-up lab was held to attract a lot of people’s attention.

Hoping that this event became a valuable occasion to benchmark new technology of Germany which is an advanced country in the area of meat-processing and exchange information between resident companies, venture companies and the people concerned of domestic and overseas food companies!

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