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[Interview with a resident company] FromBIO Co., Ltd.

Securing technological prowess for materials with the joint technology development project of corporates


FromBIO is a health functional food specialized company that does what is right no matter what ─ from raw materials to production for the health of consumers as my own health of and my family is important under the slogan, ‘health from the nature.’ FromBIO, saying the most important thing in making health functional food is ‘raw materials,’ could secure technological prowess for more materials through the joint technology development project of corporates after moving into the Korea National Food Cluster.

Finding healthy raw materials containing nature

Since health functional food is directly and indirectly connected with human life, FromBIO is focusing on making products for consumers to consume the healthiness of nature with an easy mind. Now, individual authorized raw materials including wild mango seed extract, Boswellia extract and mastic gum have been authorized so we are pursuing product differentiation and have about 20 monopolized raw materials and patents.


“Researchers of FromBIO did their best to find and investigate new raw materials by participating in various food expositions held in locations around the world. Thanks to them, we could obtain own marketability while researching ‘Boswellia’ and ‘wild mango’ for several years and have been developing the best raw materials by reviewing and verifying papers on raw materials.”


The efforts of FromBIO to find new materials could be known from the product line-ups. ‘Diet & Wild Mango,’ ‘Boswellia for the Articular Cartilage’ and ‘Mastic for the Health of the Stomach’ are not well known in the domestic market but they are raw materials whose efficacies are recognized in each area.


Securing technological prowess for more materials with the joint technology development project with corporates.

FromBIO had many worries about creating a cultural environment for a material for which they had a technology transfer for a not so well known domestic material, standardizing a raw material and securing technological prowess. Meanwhile, they found out about the joint technology development project of corporates supported by Korea National Food Cluster and could receive support for preclinical tests for raw materials and index ingredient analyses, as well as support for culturing under the contract with a farm in Iksan. They could secure technological prowess for more materials with the support related to domestic raw materials by moving into Korea National Food Cluster. Based on these efforts, as a result of TCB of Korea Enterprise Data, they obtained Grade T3, one of the highest ratings corresponding to top 1% as a SME.


FromBIO is currently exporting wild mango diet jelly products to the USA and China and pioneering overseas markets constantly. Based on its popularity in Korea, ‘Wild Mango,’ ‘Boswellia’ and ‘Mastic’ received FDA additional certificates in the United States and have started to advance into the U.S. market.


“We are trying to secure diversity of distribution by systematizing and expanding a distribution structure including home shopping networks, marts, pharmacies and door-to-door sales so that more people can find products of FromBIO easily. We are also pioneering overseas market constantly by exporting to the USA and China. We are trying to secure an export outlet quickly by specifying the latest trends and licensing procedures for export of each country.”


We are also building the GMP Iksan factory in Foodpolis of Korea National Food Cluster and advancing quickly to lead the health functional food industry by recently selling ‘FromBIO Wild Mango Jelly’ products through the nation’s largest domestic health & beauty store.

CEO of FromBIO Co., Ltd. Tae-jin Sim


What is FromBIO’s strength?

FromBIO registered 10 individual authorized materials including wind mango extract, Boswellia, mastic gum, etc. and has acquired 11 patents. The food and bio research institute composed of experts played a huge role for this. This strength has been being maximized since moving into the Korea National Food Cluster and we could take care of raw material and product development, production and shipping by ourselves by building our company’s GMP factory.


What was your biggest concern before moving into the National Food Cluster?

A lot of time and money needs to be invested to discover and research new materials. FromBIO has constantly conducted research and development required to register individual authorized raw materials from raw material screening to preclinical tests, raw material standardization and clinical tests. Our company’s R&D expenses are 3.15% of the average sales of three years, higher than the average of the same industry, 0.51. We are conducting research actively. While worrying about how to spread the burden of R&D expenses, we could reduce our burden somewhat through the technical support project and equipment rental of Foodpolis Support Center.


What are your future plans and is there any additional support you need?

Registering an individual authorized raw material of health functional food should be based on data of a preclinical test and a human trial. In particular, a human trial requires significant financial investment and has a liability of risk of the results so it is difficult for an SME to invest easily. If research expenses required for such a human trial are supported, the burden of an SME would decrease hugely.


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