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Products of resident companies of Iksan National Food Cluster, receive favorable reviews in Vietnam.

Holding joint tasting•sales event including Vietnam buyer export conference and Big-C


Foodpolis Support Center (Director Tae-jin Yun, hereinafter ‘Support Center’) is holding the buyer export conference and tasting and sales event at the same time i Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam which is recently rising as a new export base in the southern area to support excellent products of eight resident companies of the Korea National Food Cluster including Unique Bio Tech, etc,. from the Oct. 4th to the 13th.

Companies participating in this event include ▲Soonsoobon Co., Ltd. (organic baby snacks), ▲SCDD Co., Ltd. (roasted laver/dried laver), ▲SFC Bio Co., Ltd. (red ginseng liquid sticks/thicker red ginseng tablets), ▲ Uniontech Co., Ltd. (propolis), ▲Unique Bio Tech Co., Ltd. (dried cheese snacks), ▲ Deep Forest Happy Food Co., Ltd. (organic baby snacks/powdered porridges), ▲B&G Life (Sunsim liquid sticks/Almighty) and ▲Queens Bucket Co., Ltd. (Sesame oil/perilla seed oil).


Through the Vietnam buyer export conference, the results of a total of 63 consultations and approximately US$6,751,800 worth of deals were achieved.

In particular, DAI THUAN, the No. 1 company importing and distributing Korean frozen foods, attracted people’s attention as they showed an interest in baby snacks and consult deeply with Soonsoobon and Deep Forest Happy Food.

Unique Bio Tech, the propolis specialized company, concluded an export contract worth approximately USD23,000 with Golden Plus, the health food import distributor with sales of 5 billion won. B&G Life, the ginseng steam double boiler heating company, concluded MOUs on the spot with two buyers importing healthy drinks such as red ginseng and Lingshi mushroom.

At the promotion event held at Lotte Mart, Big-C and Sky Mart in Vietnam from the 5th, participating companies attracted the attention of Vietnamese consumers by offering free samples of and promoting various products.

Therefore, it is planned to inform consumers of the excellence of and increase the level of awareness of Korean processed foods to Vietnamese consumers by giving ‘Lucky Box,’ randomly containing products of eight resident companies, to attendees who complete every mission to participate in various events and upload promotional materials of participating companies on their personal SNSs.

Director Tae-jin Yun said, “Vietnam is rising as the government’s new export base in the southern area and also changing from the production base to the consumer market. We will continuously conduct overseas marketing and export support businesses for resident companies in the future so that various products of resident companies can expand their markets to new overseas potential markets.”

On the other hand, Support Center is promoting the overseas integrated marketing support business to support resident companies’ advancement into overseas markets and supporting participating companies with overseas integrated marketing programs including practical trade education, manufacturing of export manuals, distribution channel negotiation and brokerage agency service, online and offline promotions (SNS promotion, sales promotion, buyer counselling session), etc.

(Source: International News http://www.gukjenews.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=1181714)

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