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Foodpolis Support Center, acquired the certification of ISTA laboratory in the food sector for the first time in Korea

Acquired the first ISTA certification in the food sector.

– Prepared a foothold for role as an export advance base of the food industry.-

Foodpolis Support Center acquired the certification of ISTA laboratory on November 13 for the first time in the food sector. The ISTA laboratory is a facility to verify the product safety and packaging appropriateness by analyzing external environmental factors (vibration•impact•fall•temperature and humidity) generated in the distribution and logistics stage of a product.

*International Safety Transit Association (ISTA): ISTA is an association with expertise and authority in the field of distribution environment test. It is found in 1948 in the U.S. to prevent problems occurring in packaging and products in the distribution and logistics stage.

As the passion of younger generations for K-Food and the HMR•sauce market are growing recently, export through e-commerce is increasing. However, claims arising in the logistics and distribution process such as damage or deterioration in shipping are also arising continuously. Due to this problem, disputes between manufacturers and distributors occur frequently so now companies need to have means to protect themselves. Accordingly, as safer shipping becomes business competitiveness besides the importance of shipping quickly, the safety of logistics and distribution is arising as an issue in the global distribution market.

Amazon, the biggest online distributor in the world, announced its policy to impose a penalty of $1.99 per box if the ISTA test is not conducted. Walmart, the famous global retailing chain, and FedEx, the global cargo shipping company, also introduced the ISTA test to verify packaging logistics.

By obtaining ISTA certification, the Support Center has become the one and only organization in Korea that can support the entire process systematically from previous food package safety/property/package design to the logistics and distribution tests. Actually, SPC Samlip said that they were verified for the packaging appropriateness of the pallet unit according to the ISTA test standard through Support Center in the process of exporting Korean traditional sweets and cookies to the U.S. and it was very helpful to secure export competitiveness.

Tae-jin Yun, the Director of Support Center, explained, “We prepared a foothold to improve the quality of logistics service and global logistics competitiveness of domestic food companies in the global food market by obtaining the ISTA certification. We will try to obtain food-related certification continuously to become a foundation of innovative growth of food companies.”

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