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KBS1 Documentary Sympathy episode in which resident companies of Korea National Food Cluster appeared

Is there really someone who doesn’t like delicious food? Emergency of star chefs, the popularity of so called ‘Mukbang.’ The popularization of recipe-related webs or apps clearly shows in a word that now is ‘the era of foodism.’

From the time that people eat just to appease their hunger, to the time of infinite possibility that food becomes culture and pleasure, <Open Sesame, Bloom Hibiscus> is the challenge of young CEOs of food start-ups who are continuing the values of our food by adding man and technology to the most Korean food items.


The struggles of future food kings that will lead the global gourmet meal culture with daring tries freeing from familiarity will visit us as a documentary.

<Open Sesame> Jung-young Park, the CEO of the mill start-up “I was really happy when I extracted and sold sesame soil for the first time after a long process of trial and error. I think I’m doing this business due to that happiness.”


Is there a household without sesame oil? Sesame oil that every household has at least one bottle of is common but there is a man who found a possibility in that situation by changing his thoughts. Jung-young Park who is the CEO of the mill start-up bravely mounted a challenge to the food industry with premium oil that stays true to the raw material’s nutty flavor by roasting sesame seeds at 160℃ relatively lower than the high temperature, 270℃, for roasting sesame oil.

He first started his business small at a shopping area of an apartment block. As words got around that his oil is healthy, it changed people’s recognition and now his business has become big as much as he needs to make oil in Seoul and Ikan, Jeonbuk, to accommodate increased orders. Especially, after moving into the Korea National Food Cluster complex, he is experiencing the possibility of the food industry while putting spurs to the development of functional products of sesame seed itself.

Behind CEO Jung-young Park who has an aspiration to lead the global gourmet food culture with the most Korean thing, there are his families that silently support his walking. We supports his positive, vibrant life who said that he is happy at this moment of moving forward even though it is sad living away from his family.


<Bloom Hibiscus> Mi-jung Kim, the CEO of the hibiscus food start-up “I think that food is pleasure. In this sense, I want people to know the value of hibiscus.”


There is a unique food start-up that has been researching hibiscus, the national flower of Korea, as a food material and will launch the first product this year.

Ms. Mi-jung Kim who found the possibility in our flower, hibiscus. She has a unique dream that she wants to spread the hidden beauty and value of our flower, hibiscus, easily in daily life.

Like a measure of the national anthem, ‘hibiscus in the whole of Korea,’ hibiscus has an excellent value as much as it has been used for food from old times. However, a food start-up was difficult to launch with the meaning and passion. To survive in the food industry with exceptional ups and downs and competition, product power is the most basic element. Now is the time that the lifestyle should be also presented by understanding the latest trend and consumers’ propensities.

CEO Mi-jung Kim also moved into Korea National Food Cluster in Iksan, Jeonbuk because it opens the possibility for small start-ups that should handle everything by themselves to spread their dreams. While filming the passion of CEO Mi-jung Kim who is working tirelessly until our precious flower, hibiscus, which we have forgotten till now, blooms and falls off again in every quarter of our country, we think about the meaning of keeping and continuing the flavor and charm of our food materials.


<Source: KBS1 Documentary Sympathy>

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