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[National Food Cluster] From popular restaurants of taxi drivers to development of convenience food! KBS 2

Su-mi Kim and Jae Heo’s Challenge to the Food Industry

From Popular Restaurant of Taxi Drivers to Development of Convenience Food!

<Driver of the Table>, set to premier the first episode on November 26.

Save the tables of modern people! Su-mi Kim, Jae Heo, Min-sang You and Chef Ho-young Jung gather together on ‘Driver of the Table.’ ‘Driver of the Table,’ an entertainment program of KBS2 which will be premiered for the first time on the 26th, is a program that hosts sample foods of popular restaurants recommended by taxi drivers who are navigators of famous restaurants and make the top-selling menu a convenience food.


‘Driver of the Table’ will visit ‘Korea National Food Cluster,’ a food industry complex that provides one-stop support for the entire process of the food industry including R&D, manufacturing and distribution of food, and experience the entire process from developing recipes and packaging foods. How convenience food is born which viewers want to know so far will be described in detail.

Su-mi Kim, ‘the queen of home-cook meals,’ and Jae Heo, ‘a national class gourmand’ who mastered famous restaurants while travelling around the country when he was a basketball player, Min-sang You, ‘the expert of convenience food’ who enjoys convenience food a lot and Ho-young Jung, a star chef are expected what kind of convenience food they will make when they gather as ‘drivers of the table.’


Those who plan to visit a restaurant recommended by taxi drivers to select a menu for convenience food made everyone laugh as they faced a not-so-funny difficulty right at the moment they caught a taxi on the scene. Once they arrived at the popular restaurant recommended by a taxi driver, they were surprised by a menu they couldn’t even imagine and couldn’t cover their surprises when ‘Hyo-rim Seo,’ a soon-to-be daughter-in-law of Su-mi Kim, appeared. In particular, Su-mi Kim opened her special relationship with Hyo-rim Seo and showed off their relationship more loving than the relationship of birth mother and daughter.


KBS2 ‘Driver of the Table’ which will show popular restaurants recommended by taxi drivers to development of convenience food set to premier at 8:00 p.m. on the 26th.


<Source: KBS2 Driver of Table>

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