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Opening Ceremony of 『Korea National Food Cluster Sauce Industrialization Center』

Developing the domestic fermented material based sauce industry and supporting its commercialization

On Friday, November 1, 『Korea National Food Cluster Sauce Industrialization Center』 held an opening ceremony.


Foodpolis Support Center promoted to build Sauce Industrialization Center with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Jeollabuk-do and Iksan-si to develop and support the sauce industry which is dubbed “the semiconductor of the food industry,” following the changes in the domestic food industry. The Sauce Industrialization Center will have test product and consignment production facilities and research facilities to support development of new products and support commercialization of small and medium sized sauce companies to develop and support the fermented material based sauce industry.

Sauce Industrialization Center, which completed the one-year construction until August 2019 through the basic and implementation design in 2017 and beginning of building construction in 2018, starting from establishment of the basic plan by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in 2016, will have sauce production support facilities that can product small quantities of various kinds including sauce merchandising support (support for test product production, development of new products), support for solutions for error technologies of small and medium sized sauce companies (R&BD networking HUB) and support for sauce industry’s information (recipe, export and industry information) and also sauce product research facilities and promote various businesses to support domestic sauce companies at full scale.


Furthermore, it is expected to prepare the comprehensive support system for the sauce industry by connecting with six company support facilities of the Korea National Food Cluster and to contribute to creation of new demands for traditional fermented food by developing the sauce industry.

Support Center also concluded the MoU with Korea Jang Cooperative before the opening ceremony. They promised to prepare a foothold for the development of the sauce and paste industry using both organization’s capacities and resources, to discover company supporting projects and to mutually cooperate for merchandizing and active operation of facilities and equipment of Korea National Food Cluster.

Director Tae-jin Yun remarked, “Foodpolis Support Center is expected to truly become an advance base for the promotion of the Korean food industry as Sauce Industrialization Center is built additionally to existing six company support facilities.”


Please give a lot of attention to the Sauce Industrialization Center which will contribute to efficient development of and support for sauce companies and globalization of the domestic sauce industry by creating new demands for traditional food.

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