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Holding 2019 Korea National Food Cluster Start-up•Venture IR Demo Day.

Holding a demo day of promising food start-up·venture companies.

Actively supporting attraction of investment.

-Holding at TIPS Town in Seoul where investors are concentrated

for successful attraction of investment.-

Foodpolis will hold 2019 Korea National Food Cluster Start-up·Venture IR* Demo Day at TIPS Town (Myeongwoo Bldg) in Seoul on November 19. *IR (Investor relations: promotional activities to attract corporate investment)



This is the event that the Support Center is promoting for the first time to support the teams with excellent technologies that completed the Youth Food Start-up Lab Support Project and resident companies attracting investment. It will be held at TIPS Town, an investor-concentrated area.


Support Center selected final six companies by evaluating IR concentration education, exclusive mentoring and mock demo day targeting start-up·venture companies for about a month since last October. Companies that will participate in the event will introduce products they developed and have a Q&A session with five investment experts to be verified for their business values.

Companies that will participate in IR Demo Day include ▲Nutrigram (Honest protein_protein bar) ▲Daepoong Marine Products (Baby clam guy-dried baby clam meat) ▲Red Rose Bean (Red bean chocolate/red bean tea) ▲Local Works (Worker bee_blending honey) ▲Rebalance K (KOO’s CAFE_customized protein) ▲Samgwang Mushroom Agricultural Association (Strong stomach_hericium erinaceus powder).


Director Tae-jin Yun stated that “I wish that this Demo Day will be a place that start-up·venture companies with excellent technologies in the food area can share their efforts and results so far. We will actively support so that it can be a foothold for more start-up·venture companies to succeed in attracting investment.”


Anyone can participate in Korea National Food Cluster Start-up·Venture IR Demo Day free of charge. You can request to participate in On Off Mix (https://www.onoffmix.com/event/200287). We are looking forward to participation by a lot of interested people.

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