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Foodpolis Support Center, concluded the investment MoU and contract to move in with Freshgo Co., Ltd. and C&B Company Co., Ltd.

Freshgo Co., Ltd. and C&B Company Co., Ltd., which are HMR companies,

decided to move in to Korea National Food Cluster.

Reserving their seats as a rising star on the rapidly growing HMR market

-Expected to lead the growth of the HMR market in connection

with HMR Technology Center in Korea National Food Cluster.-

​On last 7th, Foodpolis Support Center and ‘Freshgo Co., Ltd. and C&B Company Co., Ltd.’ which are HMR small giants, concluded the MoU and contract to move in.


Freshgo Co., Ltd. and C&B Company Co., Ltd will lead the rapidly growing MHR market by developing products satisfying consumers’ expectations using technical prowess they have and R&D infrastructures such as HMR Technology Support Center in Korea National Food Cluster.

Freshgo Co., Ltd. is an emerging small giant in the HMR market with its more than ten-fold ncrease in sales than the sales at the time of foundation by producing HMR products which are more delicious by developing sauces using natural materials and increase consumers’ preference and convenience in a form of a one-dish meal. It is meeting with domestic consumers in diverse ways online and offline on Market Kurly and Lotte Mart with its home convenience food brand, ‘FRESHGO.’ It is now on the last stage of adjusting export so it is expected to advance overseas shortly.

C&B Company Co., Ltd., which is a company specialized in manufacturing food for elderly people, will promote consigned institutional feeding and complete product delivery business targeting long-term care facilities for the elderly nationwide by manufacturing healthy, trendy foods using R&D infrastructures in Support Center. As it thinks that there is a high possibility in old people that they could be malnourished due to loss of appetite caused by changes in physiological functions and chronic diseases, it has aspirations to become a leader in the food for the elderly considering food texture adjustment and balanced nutrients through scientific and systematic research.

Director of Support Center Tae-jin Yun stressed that “when looking at the HMR market rapidly growing recently, it is very inspiring that small giants of HMR such as Freshgo Co., Ltd. and C&B Company Co., Ltd. are investing on Korea National Food Polis. We will lead not only the comprehensive, systematic support but also help for the growth of resident companies through HMR Technology Support Center and Sauce Industrialization Center, as well as 3 R&D Centers.”

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