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Foodpolis Support Center, participated in 2019 Jeonju International Fermented Food Expo.. Finished with good acceptance.

Foodpolis Support Center, the largest food industrial complex in Korea, participated in ‘IFFE 2019 the 17th Jeonju Fermented Food Expo’ and had a time to promote resident companies.


‘IFFE 2019 the 17th Jeonju Fermented Food Expo,’ held at Meeting Plaza of Jeonju World Cup Stadium from October 31 to November 4, is the one and only international exposition specialized in fermented food. It was a place to display and introduce domestic and overseas traditional fermented foods and agricultural and stockbreeding processed foods. It is especially becoming a foothold for fermented food companies to grow by providing participating companies with opportunities to consult with domestic and overseas buyers and invigorating marketing through seminars for consumers.


Foodpolis Support Center participated to improve its image actively using the intent of this expo, the one and only international exposition specialized in fermented food, and also to expand a market by promoting resident companies and introducing their products. For this, during the expo, it operated an independent booth, installed signs and banners of resident companies and actively supported progressing sample and sales events, holding promotional events, providing promotional goods such as eco-bags and attracting visiting consultations and investment.


Resident companies, △Himchan Geoleum Co., Ltd., a company specialized in healthy nutritional foods useful to improve athletic performance and oriental medicine and healthy food materials, △Jayon Co., Ltd.,  producing lactic snacks full of nutriments and lactic bacillus bacteria needed for children, △SCDD Co., Ltd., producing 100% made-in-Korea dried laver and laver snacks and △Seojun Food Co., Ltd., a company specialized in Korean traditional sweets and snacks made of reliable materials jointed together.


These companies received favorable reviews while making concrete results such as inquiries about launching and requests for quotes from not only overseas buyers such as Australia, Ukraine, Indonesia, etc. and large domestic distributors.


In this regard, Director of the Korea National Food Cluster Tae-jin Yun said that “I feel rewarded because resident companies could look for an overseas market and expand a domestic market more actively through this food exposition. I will find various directions that can grow together with resident companies.”


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